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Mens Christian Guild (MCG)

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Men's Christian Guild (MCG)

Our Vision:

  • To present Jesus Christ as saviour to all men and engage them in the promotion and extension of God’s Kingdom.
  • To build up Christian character by encouraging attendance at public worship, the reading of scriptures and witness to Christ
  • To extend the kingdom of God in our church, in the churches to which we are related in the entire world
  • To inculcate a sense of moral discipline, especially in the members of the guild
  • To promote programmes of intellectual, social and physical growth
  • To inculcate a spirit of obedience and humility both in our church and the entire world
  • To bind members to resist all un-Christian customs and to follow the life which is the fruit of the spirit
  • To be financially viable organ of the church
  • To be involved in social welfare projects/programmes
  • To assist all our sister association in everywhere we can.
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