Sunday School Outing - Nov 2015


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Sunday School Kids

JL Zwane Memorial Church will always remember Mrs Vuyokazi Ntlantsana for her passion and contribution to the Christian education of the children and young people.  She obviously could have done much more to help develop JL Zwane’s Sunday school work had she stayed longer with us.  We hope she has found a home in Durban to continue with her calling.   Those that she worked with are doing well and the children are showing a lot of interest.  Over 180 kids are registered and assisted by a group of dedicated teachers.

On Saturday 7 November 50 kids that regularly attend the Sunday school went on an outing which was planned by the teachers as a way of saying thank you to the kids for the time and being regular in attending classes and just to encourage them to continue doing so. The bus left at 9:30 after breakfast that was prepared by Masiphathisane. 6 teachers accompanied them on this trip to the two Ocean Aquarium at the Waterfront. It was an exciting day for the little ones and for some it was their very first time around the Waterfront. Teachers realized how much they needed training on excitement management as it just became far too difficult to keep them in the groups they had been divided into. This visit ended up with a great meal at the Spur at lunch time.

Sunday School Kids

The SS has a lot of other activities and they also contribute to the life and work of our congregation. We encourage parents to make sure their children attend. It is in these classes that talent is noticed as most kids show great talent in music, acting, art work, dancing and speaking (communication). Our sincere appreciation goes to everyone that was involved in making sure that this day becomes such as success.

Sunday School Kids

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