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Pathfinders Spiritual Program

Living for God

I am crucified with Christ, nevertheless I live, yet not I, but Christ Lives in me and the life which I now live I live in the flesh I live by faith,of the Son of God, Who loved me and gave Himself for me

Galatians 2:20

Session 1:

God’s big story:

l  Creation

l  The FALL / Sin

l  Abraham / Israel

l  The Good News

The main purpose for the first session is looking at how we came about to having to live for God. This will help us have a better perspective on Christ and Me.

Session 2

The Story Continues

l  We looking at Jesus and me

l  Following Jesus (Why?)

l  What should I do? (personal prayer,bible reading, fellowship)

Session 3

The story never ends

l  My context

l  Potential challenges to prevent me from living for God.

l  What happens after?

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Movement for Change and Social Justice (MCSJ)

Movement for Change and Social Justice (MCSJ) is a newly established forum in Gugulethu that seeks to respond to community needs and challenges.

JL Zwane as a community sensitive church was part of its formation and is an active participant in all its activities.

On Wednesday the 24th of May a march took place from the KTC clinic where a health worker was killed on his way home after work.

This was one of many incidences of violence and murder at this particular clinic.

The purpose of the march was two-fold: It was to  urge  the community of  Gugulethu to be active participants towards a crime free community.

Secondly, the march  to the police station was to deliver a memorandum  of demands to the police, urging them to intensify their fight against crime and to as k for a mobile police station to be placed at the police station.


It so happened that the Deputy Minister of police was in the area and he came along to receive the memorandum with the chief of the police in Gugulethu.

A promise was made by the DM that a mobile police station would be placed at the clinic within 2 weeks.

JL Zwane and the newly found forum are in constant conversations with the newly founded forum, carving a way forward towards a crime free Gugulethu.

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Cleaning Awareness

The Cleaning Campaign

"Cleanliness is next to Godliness". We all know that but living it out is always something else. Friends of the Men’s Christian Guild and the Youth Fellowship took this message to the streets of Gugulethu, raising a cleaning awareness initiative thus creating the Gugulethu we imagine. We also handed out bookmarks with tips on how to approach the exams to the 2015 matriculants, who are writing their final year exams. The DO's and DON'Ts as one sits for an exam.

We started with prayer, inviting God to be part of this campaign. It was energizing to see our older members Mr Dibela and Mr Siqwane joining forces with young men, encouraging us and not just talking but also hands on. We began cleaning from NY 2, NY 28, NY 38 through NY 40

 The cleaning campaign was backed and supported by the local municipality, who provided us with plastics bags, a truck and their helping hand. It was great seeing the community having such positive response to these combined campaigns. We had conversations with the residents, some with touching stories of unemployment and poverty and some with funny tales with puns, which made our effort and hard work seamlessly easy. The weather was pleasant, although hot, we had residents helping with water to cool down.

 We completed the campaign successfully, a bit tired but with high spirits and sense of success. We cannot forget the happy faces we met along this short campaign, fun, laughter, new and old friends we met along the way. We want to thank all those that participated in the campaign. These are a few acts of love and commitment to just getting to know our neighbours and get to talk to people we have not talked to. It was in deed love in action.

See them in action.

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Sunday School Outing - Nov 2015

Sunday School Kids

JL Zwane Memorial Church will always remember Mrs Vuyokazi Ntlantsana for her passion and contribution to the Christian education of the children and young people.  She obviously could have done much more to help develop JL Zwane’s Sunday school work had she stayed longer with us.  We hope she has found a home in Durban to continue with her calling.   Those that she worked with are doing well and the children are showing a lot of interest.  Over 180 kids are registered and assisted by a group of dedicated teachers.

On Saturday 7 November 50 kids that regularly attend the Sunday school went on an outing which was planned by the teachers as a way of saying thank you to the kids for the time and being regular in attending classes and just to encourage them to continue doing so. The bus left at 9:30 after breakfast that was prepared by Masiphathisane. 6 teachers accompanied them on this trip to the two Ocean Aquarium at the Waterfront. It was an exciting day for the little ones and for some it was their very first time around the Waterfront. Teachers realized how much they needed training on excitement management as it just became far too difficult to keep them in the groups they had been divided into. This visit ended up with a great meal at the Spur at lunch time.

Sunday School Kids

The SS has a lot of other activities and they also contribute to the life and work of our congregation. We encourage parents to make sure their children attend. It is in these classes that talent is noticed as most kids show great talent in music, acting, art work, dancing and speaking (communication). Our sincere appreciation goes to everyone that was involved in making sure that this day becomes such as success.

Sunday School Kids

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Stories Move Mountains

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The Reverend Ronald Matandakufa of St Peters Uniting Presbyterian Church in Gweru attended the “Stories Move Mountains” workshop in January-February 2014. 

This workshop runs for six days each year and is held from the end of January and the beginning of February. Participants attending this workshop are invited to reflect with others on their different ministries in their congregations.  What has be common from their reflections were that the workshop is indeed a life changing experience of hope –and have committed to implement and integrate their experience at their congregations, to enhance on the work that God has called them to do.

REFLECTION BY MINISTERS: A majority of Ministers attend these workshops just when they are at the point of giving up- such are the challenges they encounter while at their callings. 

One of them confessed that his congregation, has had four ministers in three years.  He goes on to say:  “No minister stays longer that one year.”  

“I am the only one who has stayed longer. I started my ministry there in 2013 and everyone, even people in the community, when they see me walk the streets of Gweru, would stop and ask:  “are you still here?” 

What is clear is that this congregation’s problem was that it centred its identify and its membership around the community. 


During training, ministers are assisted with how to deconstruct such realities and work with everyone in the congregation towards helping them see, identify and embrace their preferred reality.

During training leaders share their stories.  They are assisted to see the strengths and possibilities that they, as leaders, to be well aware of the strengths and abilities of the churches’ membership and how best to build the future of the congregation on what works rather than what does not work.  They are encouraged to be more inclusive in their approach to ministry, embrace those they regard as enemies. 

On the third day of his participation, in 2014, Ronald was so challenged that he thought he knew exactly what he had not done well in his ministry.  He thought he could go back and fix it.

 In his own words, he said: “I am now ready to go back home and turn the congregation around.”  On his return to Zimbabwe, he hit a wall. 

Six months after the workshop, he wrote to me and shared his frustration but he vowed not to give up.  Ronald was thus invited to participate in the second training session which was held this year in January – February.  It is after this time that he started to see signs of hope and change in his congregation. 

It is through this positive attitude, his commitment to further inquiry into the exceptional positive moments of his ministry that he had begun to yield much needed results.  Thus he commenced a journey of being the change he was expecting from his congregation.  It is against this background, after his second participation to the programme, that requested we consider running a workshop of this nature in Gweru, Zimbabwe

The workshop was held in Gweru, Zimbabwe from 28th -30th October, 2015.  Gweru is a small town about 170km outside the city of Bulawayo in Zimbabwe.  

A total of 22 participants attended.  12 were from the Uniting Presbyterian Church, 2 from the Church of Christ, 3 from Faith Ministries, 3 from the Church of Central Africa Presbyterian and 1 from the Reformed Church in Zimbabwe. 

It was a great experience for all of us who participated.  The participants shared experiences front their churches and how they have had a real impact on how they have always viewed their ministries, “a change of mind-set, a fantastic, equipping and thought provoking workshop. 

They all agreed that the workshop represented the best approach to be used so far to impact leaders through participants’ interaction”.  One participant made the observation that:

 “The approach and delivery techniques have been the best and were very effective.  We learnt more through an interactive approach than we could have learnt through the lecture method.  We shared our stories and got our own solutions from among our individual situations and interactions.” 

He echoed the sentiments of many that he “wished that this programme could be extended to our lay leaders as well”.


As facilitators we were inspired by the response from the participants – as we wanted to know why so many people attended the workshop. 

What inspired us most was that, even before Ronald could invite them, they could see how different his ministry was since he attended the very first workshop at JL Zwane in 2014.  It was great to hear this.  Everyone was watching and witnessing “a new thing emerging” at St St Peters Uniting Presbyterian Church in Gweru.

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Christmas Carols

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We are a few weeks away from Christmas! And what better way to get into the festive mood than singing along to Christmas music and carols? Origin South Africa (A Christian ministry based in Cape Town) is bringing the Cape Town Gospel choir and band to the streets of Gugulethu at JL Zwane 
Presbyterian Church on 20 December 2015 at 2pm.

Come and join us on this rare occasion and invite your family and friends and let’s celebrate the countdown to Christmas together in the spirit of Jesus who was born. 

Date: 20 December 2015
Venue: JL Zwane Church
Time: 2pm

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JL Zwane Ladies Outing

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Vanue: Kirstenbosch
Time: 08:00 (am)

Come all and engage on "Conversations that matter". Bring your camp chair and lunch.
For more information, please contact the JL Zwane Office, by clicking/tapping here.

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Business Breakfast in Gugulethu @ JL Zwane Centre/Church

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JL Zwane Choir coordinated a Women Business Breakfast Meeting at the JL Zwane Centre. The date for that Breakfast session was  the 15th August 2015.
The aim of the Breakfast Business Meeting (BBM) is twofold.  It is to fundraise and at the same time to afford a golden opportunity to the businesses in and around Gugulethu to:

  • Celebrate the role of women towards the 21 years of democracy in South Africa.
  • Encourage positive lifestyle through business and networking.
  • Provide positive platform for the empowerment of Women in Society.
  • Encourage different stakeholders to contribute meaningfully in the economic and social development of society.

The theme of the Breakfast Business Meeting (BBM) UBUHLE BENTYATYAMBO- What a phenomenal woman you are EMPOWERING women to realise their Purpose, Power and Potential.

Programme Director/Facilitator: Ms. NONALA TOSE (Mhlobo wenene FM)

The Breakfast Session was interactive, fun and engaging. It was a mentoring and educational session that helped women gain the confidence, knowledge and practical skills needed to empower them to realise their full potential, while living a positive and fulfilling life.

Minister of Science and Technology, Mrs Naledi Pandor addressed the Women’s Business Breakfast under the National theme: “Women United in moving South Africa Forward” organised by JL Zwane in partnership with Old Mutual, Silulo Ulutho Technologies, Sonnendal, Coca Cola, Gcilishe-Taliwe Funerals, Government Communications Information Systems-GCIS, Limaphe Catering.

Honourable Minister was joined by the Deputy Minister of Rural Development and Land Reform, Mr Mcebisi Skwatsha, Luvuyo Rani , Ward Councillor Mzwakhe Nqavashe.

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Elderly Outing - Iziko Museum

Elderly outing to Iziko Museum made possible by JL Zwane Choir
Date: 18th July 2015
Time: 08h00 - 14h00

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Alpha - JL Zwane


What is Alpha?
Alpha is opportunity to explore life and Christian faith in a friendly, open and informal environment.

Try Alpha
The Alpha Course is open to everyone interested in interrogating the Jesus of Nazareth narrative. In a more relaxed atmosphere, participants revisit the scripture and the message contained therein. They share their thoughts and explore the meaning of life in general. 

At JL Zwane, the Alpha course started on Monday the 13th of July 2015 – will continue every Monday evening 18h00 to 20h00 until the weekend of 25/26 September 2015.

Alpha Programme

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